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Search Marketing: SEO and Paid Search Advertising

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Double the Power


Although searchers are more likely to click on unpaid, organic links than on paid search advertising, research shows there’s high value in combining them. We will plan and execute paid search-advertising campaigns to make your search optimization more effective. A paid search ad helps your business occupy more of the scarce real estate on a search results’ first page (the one that matters). Studies suggest that click rates increase when searchers see more than one result for the same domain on the same page. Combining SEO and paid search campaigns also results in higher conversions—including everything from sales to email newsletter sign-ups.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization


Recent statistics from Hubspot and other marketing research organizations show that 75 percent of users will not scroll past the first page of search results. Another study shows that 50 percent of users never see your listing if it isn’t in the top five results.

Our SEO program starts with a website evaluation that examines the basic components that search engines use to rank pages (including page titles, meta descriptions, image descriptions and your page text). We also research common keywords used by your target audience and find ways to incorporate them into your site. We’ll make sure you have enough text on your pages, check your site’s download speed, and look for duplicate text that search engines might find suspicious.

Improved SEO drives more organic (unpaid) traffic to your website.