15 April 2024
When I titled this column, “Building Main Street, not Wall Street”, I did so for many reasons, not the least of which was the stranglehold that Wall Street banks have
08 April 2024
When communities look to revitalize, they often tend to overlook one of the most effective and efficient tools in their revitalization or rejuvenation toolbox, that of the arts and culture.
01 April 2024
I was recently involved in a discussion that reminded me of a column I wrote years ago. The column focused on the town of Laurel, Mississippi, and how they have








Building Synergies Key to Success

02 April 2023

The positive synergies between a vibrant chamber, a transformative city, and the local media company can result in a transformative impact on the community they serve. Each of these entities has its unique strengths and capabilities, and when combined, they can leverage each other's expertise to promote economic development, enhance civic engagement, and foster a strong sense of community.


The chamber of commerce is a business-oriented organization that promotes the interests of local businesses and provides support for their growth and development. It offers various services to its members, such as networking opportunities, business training, marketing assistance, and advocacy on their behalf. By collaborating with the city and local media company, the chamber can extend its reach and impact on the business community and the wider population.


The city government, on the other hand, is responsible for providing essential public services such as utilities, transportation, and public safety. It also sets policies and regulations that affect the local economy and community life. By partnering with the chamber and local media company, the city can gain valuable insights into the needs and aspirations of its residents and businesses. It can also leverage the media's reach and influence to communicate its vision, programs, and initiatives to a broader audience.


The local media company serves as the eyes and ears of the community, providing news, information, and entertainment to its readers, viewers, and listeners. It has the power to shape public opinion, influence consumer behavior, and inspire civic action. By collaborating with the chamber and city, the media company can enhance its role as a community watchdog and advocate, highlighting local issues, events, and opportunities. It can also provide valuable promotional and advertising support to local businesses, boosting their visibility and sales.


One of the most significant benefits of this synergy is the promotion of economic development. By working together, they can create a positive business environment that attracts new investments, entrepreneurs, and talent to the community. The chamber can provide business training and mentoring to new and existing businesses, while the city can offer tax incentives, infrastructure improvements, and streamlined regulatory processes. The media company can promote the community's strengths, such as its natural beauty, cultural attractions, and quality of life, to a broader audience, creating a buzz that attracts visitors and investors alike.


Another crucial benefit of this synergy is the enhancement of civic engagement. By collaborating, the chamber, city, and media company can create opportunities for residents to get involved in community affairs, express their opinions, and participate in decision-making. The chamber can organize public forums, focus groups, and surveys to gather feedback from the business community and share it with the city. The city can use this input to develop policies and programs that reflect the community's needs and aspirations. The media company can provide comprehensive coverage of local issues and events, encouraging residents to become informed and active citizens.


Finally, this synergy can foster a strong sense of community. By working together, the chamber, city, and media company can create a shared vision for the future, based on common values and goals. They can celebrate the community's diversity and cultural heritage and promote its strengths and achievements. The chamber can organize events that bring together businesses and residents, such as business fairs, job fairs, and festivals. The city can support community-based initiatives, such as neighborhood cleanups, youth programs, and cultural events. The media company can showcase the community's stories, achievements, and challenges, building a sense of pride and belonging among residents.


To sum it up, the synergy between a chamber, city, and local media company can truly transform a community in so many ways. By promoting economic development, enhancing civic engagement, and fostering a strong sense of community, these entities can create a virtuous cycle of growth and prosperity that benefits everyone. They can leverage their unique strengths and capabilities to address the community's challenges and seize its opportunities, creating a brighter future for all.


John Newby is a nationally recognized Columnist, Speaker, & Publisher. He consults with Chambers, Communities, Business & Media. His “Building Main Street, not Wall Street,” column appears in 60+ newspapers and media outlets. As founder of Truly-Local, he assists chambers, communities, media, and businesses in creating synergies that build vibrant communities. He can be reached at: John@Truly-Local.org.