MISSION STATEMENT:  Provide a weekly column that educates the entire community, thus enhancing opportunities for the local community to restore its greatness and vitality.  We also assist local news-media companies in reclaiming their proverbial informational town square setting the stage for civic/economic revitalization for both the news-media company and the community. After all, if the local media company can't convey your community message to the outside world, who will?

EDUCATION:  We provide education for local communities, local news-media companies, local businesses as well as local residents to the real value AND necessity of a Truly-Local mindset.  Local communities are losing their personality and economic identity to Amazon, Wall Street and out-of-town corporations which are destroying local businesses, jobs and the economic foundation of local communities.  A dying community equals a dying news-media company.  It is no wonder our youth are leaving local communities, they are being stripped of meaningful employment opportunities. Good jobs are replaced with retail and/or service sector jobs accompanying most out-of-town business entities.


BUILD SYNERGIES:  It is imperative to revitalize the synergies between the local community, the local news media company, local business, civic clubs, church groups, veteran organizations and community leadership. Relationships with the readers, non-readers, business community, city, government, leaders and social influencers must be cultivated and nurtured.  A communities future rests on the ability to accomplish this task. Working together will educate and build foundations, both socially and economically allowing both the community and news-media company to not just survive, but thrive.

NEW REVENUE:  We assist local communities as well as local news-media companies in opening the doors to new revenue sources existing in many communities. Unfortunately, most communities as well as local news-media companies are unaware of many untapped resources such as veterans and youth initiatives, the arts and entertainment sector, tourism opportunities, economic development, place-making, foundation sector, events sector and many others. providing revenue opportunities is critical to long-term growth.


RESOURCES:  In addition to the weekly column, we provide additional resources to facilitate this mission. We have developed our National 5-Star "Truly-Local Community" Designation program that expedites the education and revenue opportunities for the community, businesses and local news-media we discuss through the column. These steps need not cost money or manpower, only a desire to succeed.  We provide a roadmap and the resources to assure you accomplish your mission of being a "Truly-Local Community" that thrives due to a growing and fervent Truly-Local mindset. 


The economic pressures on local communities are only mounting. As this pressure increases, so will the pressure on the local media company. We need our local communities to do well in order for local news-media companies to survive.  The bottom-line, you need each other to reach your full potential, there is no other way to put it.   We believe our approach has absolutely NO downside, but offers huge upside for your community and each and every business and resident living there. 

Building Main Street Process